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Rain FX / Rain machines can be used in many ways to bring your creativity to life, wether it's for music videos, dance clips, feature films or photography.


Our artificial rainfall machine has been set up permanently in our blackout studio, with drainage systems and staff on hand to monitor and support the FX there is no setup time required.


No matter what the project is, our artificial rainfall FX will certainly take your production to the next level giving even more production value to your project.

Rain FX Studio Features.

5.2 Metre High

The rain machine is 5m from floor level giving

a large fall area for the artificial rain.

Temperature Controlled Rain

Not just the flow of water can be controlled but 

also the temprature of the rain water.

Heating & Air Conditioning

The main studio and all room are equipped

the latest Air Conditioning systems.

Beauty / Make Up Room

We have a ground floor beauty / makeup room

with 5 separate beauty bays.

Shower Facilities

We have a dedicated shower facility within the

studio which can be requested.

2m - 5m Spread Of Rain Water

Once the rain falls it can give a variable spread width

depending on the water pressure chosen.

3,500 sq ft Blackout Studio

Our main blackout studio is fully blacked out, with

no natural light entering.

Viewing Gallery / Production Area

Our production area is located on the mezzanine

floor overlooking the blackout stage.

Trussing Grid

We have a 4m x 4m square trussing grid permanently

installed at 6m high. This can be lowered on request.

Kitchen / Canteen

Our canteen facility has ample space for eating, serving

and chilling.

Non-Slip Flooring

Our blackout studio has non slip flooring for safety purposes when using our artificial rain machine.

Talent Green Room

We have a green room facility onsite in the blackout studio. Extra green rooms can be booked upon request.

Large Shutters

We have large electric powered 6m tall by 3m wide loading in shutters.

Onsite & Offsite Parking

We have space for 15 vehicles onsite plus we

also have an overspill carpark for up to 30 cars.

Booking With Us:

Aura Vision Studios is home to the largest dedicated rain machine set in the London and the UK. At a huge, impressive 1,500sqft with custom made rain machine and setup, our artificial rainfall machine is perfect for any shoot or production.

So whether you are looking for a full band rain music video, a rain machine for your feature film, or simply a fully waterproof set for a photoshoot we have got you covered.


When booking with us our team are on deck during the full duration of your booking to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.


1 Hour - £250

2 Hours - £500

3 Hours - £600

4 Hours - £800

6 Hours - £900

8 Hours - £1,100

10 Hours - £1,500

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